Since I'm also working on a new film, LOL, in addition to screening Kissing on the Mouth at CIFF, today was a day of work, not just play.  I had some things to shoot out in the suburbs with Kevin Bewersdorf who is acting in the film and writing the music.  That took up my afternoon and evening, and I didn't make it back into the city until about 9PM.

No worries, as the Festival party was just getting started at 9:30.  I picked up Kate, Karina, and Kris (why does everyone I know have a K name?) and we headed over, where I got a chance to meet more filmmakers and jury members.  I chatted with the team behind the Greek film CCTV, and I met documentary jury member Nick Redman. We all headed over to one of the Festival's favorite late night stops, The Green Mill, a cool joint where Al Capone hung out.  There is rumored to be a secret tunnel out of the place, in case the cops busted in, but I haven't seen it with my own eyes. Miroslav Mandic, the director of the documentary Borderline Lovers, had the best comment of the night while watching the band at the Green Mill play, stating, "I'm beginning to respect bass players.  They are lazy, but they deliver."

Tuesday afternoon we get to have lunch with students from Columbia College.  I've been looking forward to this all week.  I think it's really great that the college uses the opportunity of the Festival to put their students in touch with filmmakers.  I'm honored that we were invited to spend an afternoon with them.  I hope our experiences can be useful as they start to make films and navigate the Festival scene.
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