Daniel CraigActing (as everyone is) on the assumption that Daniel Craig really is going to play James Bond in Casino Royale, Slate's David Edelstein has gone back through his reviews to see what he's had to say about Craig in the past. Surprisingly, he's taken note of the actor even in his smaller roles, and has always been impressed. Even when he doesn't think Craig is particularly good in a role, Edelstein respects his abilities - the best example is what he said about his work in The Jacket which reads, in part, "Daniel Craig overacts like mad as a fellow inmate, but his transformation is so astounding...that I didn't even recognize him; he seems to be able to alter his features along with his voice and posture." Pretty high praise for a guy who's overacting.

While I'm honestly not sure if being a good actor means you'll be an appealing Bond (though I loved him, Negative Example A has to be Timothy Dalton), this nevertheless is a great way to get an impression of the man who might be donning the tux.
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