The theatrical release of The Honeymooners, starring Cedric the Entertainer, was rated PG-13. The DVD release, however, will be rated PG. It seems the studio decided to re-edit the movie to make it more "family friendly" and hopefully make more money than the film drew in upon its initial release. This is a new trend in DVD marketing in which studios take films which didn't fare well at the box office and give them a makeover of sorts when they come out on DVD. They did it with a shorter version of Alexander, and they'll probably do it with The Island, as well. This kind of audience pandering may be good for drumming up sales, but always trying to appeal to the whim of moviegoers is about as detrimental to artistic growth as you can get. It might increase revenue, but in the long run, I think something like this is only going to drive more people away.

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