As we anticipated months ago, Warner Independent Pictures has dropped the Strangers with Candy feature from their schedule. WIP claims that the feature, based on the Comedy Central series and produced by David Letterman's Worldwide Pants, has yet to settle some "outstanding clearances" on the film, but the indie arm declined to elaborate. Amy Sedaris and crew insist they're all cool on the rights, and that WIP is just trying to get rid of them. As the rights in question apparently don't have anything to do with Comedy Central, and as it's entirely unclear what they do, in fact, relate to, this does look suspiciously like a last-minute bail (Strangers was suppossed to be released on October 21) from a studio that can't afford a big rights-payout headache right now – Warner Brothers, after all, still owes $17 million on the Dukes of Hazzard debacle. John Sloss, who is repping the film for Cinetic, is said to be shopping for new distributors as we speak.
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