HD DVDWell, hold on. Don't start the no-more-region-free-players-to-buy dance of joy yet. This is just a very, very slight possibility right now, but the fact that the topic has even been discussed is pretty exciting. The rumor stems from comments made by Toshiba's Chief Engineer Yamada Takashi in the wake of last weekends DVD Forum Conference in Tokyo. When asked if any conclusions has been reached regarding HD DVDs and the issue of region coding, Yamada said "Maybe, the region playback control will not enter HD DVD."

So, yeah - the word "maybe" is the big one there. And American studios will crap themselves at the mere thought of not being able to sell different DVDs in different regions, thereby forcing rabid completists to buy lots of different discs. Still, I'm already dreaming of a beautiful future, where a single unhacked player can handle anything I put in it, and where I can by DVDs from France on Amazon. In those dreams, I also have a flying car. And all the men are Clive Owen. The future totally rules.
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