Jennifer ConnellyThe Blood Diamond, a "dramatic thriller" about diamond smuggling in Africa, already has a star (Leonardo DiCaprio) and a director (Edward Zwick), but it remains in clear need of a hot lady. If negotiations go well, Jennifer Connelly will be filling that role, though who exactly she will be play in the film isn't clear. DiCaprio will be a diamond smuggler who runs afoul of mine owners, and somehow a "poor African farmer" gets mixed up in things - maybe Connelly fits in there somewhere.

Ever since Dark City I've been a sucker for Jennifer Connelly - her presence, and that of Zwick (who at least sometimes does goodstuff), combined with the potentially old school adventure movie plot (I'm picturing lots of dirty, Indy-style hats for some reason) makes this one sound like it just might not be a total disaster.
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