I'm back in New York after five hectic days at the Chicago International Film Festival. The Festival is still going strong until October 20, and whilst I really wish I could have stayed in town longer, Joe Swanberg will continue keeping his diary for us. And as I was too busy the past few days festivaling to actually write anything, I still have lots to post about – from party gossip to the details on Peirce Brosnan's disasterous post-Bond venture – so keep your eyes peeled. Below you'll find a quick guide to what we've already covered – and don't forget about our recent coverage of NYFF and Fantastic Fest as well.

CIFF: An Introduction
Kissing on the Mouth's hometown debut
Making it in the Midwest panel
Everlasting Regret, and making the political personal
Meeting Melvin Van Peebles the wrong way
Fortissimo Pictures Party
Free Zone
"I'm beginning to respect bass players.  They are lazy, but they deliver."

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