Didn't Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (man ... two years on and that phrase still makes me shiver) make some kind of pledge not to make movies whilst in office? I can't find evidence of it online, but if he did, he's totally going back on it. He's reportedly agreed to star in two major sequels: True Lies II, and Terminator 4. Eliza Dushku, the Wonder Woman hopeful who starred in the first Lies as the young daughter of Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis, says it's on: "We all caught up. Me, Jamie Lee Curtis, Arnold, and Jim (James Cameron), to talk about True Lies 2, about a month ago in California. We're doing it. Definitely doing it. I'm revved." Revved, huh? I love it how she actually talks like Faith in real life. Meanwhile, a representative for Stan Winston, the effects company that made the Terminator movies possible, confirms that work on the fourth installment is in "a very early stage'. So, is Arnie planning on not getting reelected? Or could the Governor of the fifth largest economy in the world actually, successfully shoot two action films on his downtime?
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