Hillary Clinton is on her way to Hollywood. Over the next few days, she'll collect monies from such famous and semi-famous supporters as Rob Reiner (who directed Meg Ryan through the worst fake orgasm EVER in When Harry Met Sally...) and Marta Kaufman (she who unleashed Friends on a poor, unsuspecting world), with the ostensible goal of funding her 2006 senate re-election campaign. But no one is fooling themselves – this is clearly a warm-up to Mrs. Clinton's projected run for President in 2008. It's expected to be a lucrative trip for the former First Lady, and not only because the Bush Administration's recent fumbles have energized the Democratic base. One of the biggest new dramas of the season, after all, is Commander-in-Chief  – and, at least according to Variety, it's not far-fetched to think that a female president on TV bodes well for a potential female president in reality. Hill's got some big-money names on her side, including producers Stephen Bing (best known to the mucky-mucks as Liz Hurley's baby daddy) and Haim Saban (that's Mr. Power Rangers to you). But unless she takes a firmer stance against the war in Iraq, some liberal Hollywood types are expected to keep their checkbooks tightly closed.
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