Errol FlynnI may not have mentioned it here before, but Errol Flynn played a rather formative role in my childhood. When I was very, very small - way too small to be seeing double-features of old movies - a babysitter took me to see a double bill of Captain Blood and The Adventures of Robin Hood. I know. Coolest freaking babysitter ever to walk the earth, right? I wish I remembered who the hell she was so I could thank the woman. Anyway, I was totally enthralled. I remember swords, and big fights, and somebody swinging around in a castle on a rope, or drape, or something. And I also remember Errol Flynn, the most magnetic, utterly male creature I'd ever seen. Since I was probably about five, I think it's safe to say I wasn't exactly attracted to the man, but he sure made a lasting impression. As a result of that rainy afternoon, I was not only willing to watch black and white movies at the drop of a hat, but I also drink only gin and tonics, because that's what Errol Flynn drank. I told you - the dude molded me.

Wow, did that turn into a long story. The point of it was to report that Flynn's grandson Luke has written and will star in (nice how that works out) a film about his grandpa's pre-Hollywood life. Flynn was a maniac even then, and the film will reportedly trace his days in New Guinea and Australia, "womanizing, bar brawling, gold mining and opium smuggling." Sweet. I am so there.
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