Is it surprising that Katie Holmes' parents are pissed that she's carrying Tom Cruise's baby? No, not really – after all, they're pretty devoutly Catholic, and Katie *was* supposed to be a virgin and all. According to Life & Style Weekly, Martin "Father of Katie" Holmes had made Tom "Biggest Star in the World" Cruise promise to "do the right thing" and marry his daughter before he knocked her up. When the news broke that Katie's fiancee had willfully defied that order, the elder, male Homes apparently flew into a finger wagging rage: "You're no good," he told Cruise. Now Holmes' family and friends are apparently concerned that Katie has been – wait for it – brainwashed by Tom and his fellow Scientologists. A "friend" told the magazine, "They wonder if it’s a Rosemary’s Baby situation, where Katie is being groomed to provide Tom with a child.” What's more unsettling: the idea that Tom Cruise implanted young Miss Holmes with Satanic semen? Or that the good name of a Roman Polanski film has been sullied by such circumstances?
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