Kurosawa action figuresThe Cinecultist recently found a wonderful gift idea for film geeks: Akira Kurosawa movie-themed action figures. I guess it's not surprising, since you can find action figures for just about everything these days, from the McKenzie brothers to Sigmund Freud. The Kurosawa figures include characters from Yojimbo and its sequel, Sanjuro – plus one for the venerable director himself. Cinecultist found Toshiro Mifune, which is very cool, but I think I'd like Kurosawa on my desk. The problem is that every place I've seen them for sale online, like this site, you don't get a choice in the specific figure: it's a random assortment. However, I'm going to San Francisco at the end of the month and I noticed at least one online store had a retail branch there, so perhaps I'll get lucky.
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