Chicken LittleApparently the new thing in movie marketing is to put the opening scenes of your film online and hope that it's good enough to convince audiences to show up in theaters. While the people at Universal seemed a little unclear on the concept, only releasing the first nine minutes of Serenityafter the film's theatrical debut, Disney has the right idea - you can now watch the first four minutes of ChickenRunLittle in the comfort of your own home. While I have no idea what big-picture effect this will have, I have to tell you that it just worked on me.

Before I watched the clip, I thought Chicken Little looked incredibly stupid. I hated the little guy's glasses and the forced cuteness of the posters and taglines and whatnot. And the opening is, well, cute - but in a more knowing way than I'd given it credit for, and the animation is much more appealing than I expected. Also, I love the idea of diving right into the whole "THE SKY IS FALLING!" crisis, instead of building slowly with Chicken Little's adorable home life, or other cringe-worthy ideas. Anyway, I totally loved it and now want to see a movie I previous had dismissed. So good work Disney - you got one. Good luck with the other 20 million or so you'll need for a big open.