Timothy Dalton; James BondThe maniacs over at Commander Bond - the sort of fans who are so devoted that they probably need medals - have dug up not only the location of tomorrow's big Who Is Bond? press conference, but the event's time, as well. Are you starting to tingle with excitement?

All will be revealed at 12 GMT tomorrow - on a giant, WWI spy boat, the HMS President. Though the vessel (Mmm...nautical terms) has been reduced to a moored place to eat and drink tea, in its former life it was a formidable beast employed as part of a fleet of warships disguised as civilian boats. Though they looked ordinary on the outside, the President and her class - known as Q-boats - were secretly armed to the teeth, which enabled them to track and destroy German U-Boats.

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I'm pretty sure this is the uptight studio version of bling.
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