J. Hoberman has a great interview in this week's Village Voice with George Clooney, occasioned by the debut of the actor's second directorial effort, Good Night, and Good Luck. Amongst other things, Clooney makes it very clear that he has "absolutely no political ambitions" – but, if he did, his very candidacy would require the formation of a third party. "I'd have to run on a completely different ticket than anyone ever ran on," he says. "I'd have to run on the "Yeah, I did it" ticket. "Did you sleep with so-and-so?" "Yeah, I did." "Did you take drugs?" "You bet I did."" How did Arnold Schwarzenegger avoid that very problem? "Schwarzenegger ran on the "I don't wanna talk about it" ticket," Clooney says. "So did [George W.] Bush."
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