Kirsten DunstAll you haters out there can begin the rejoicing - well, starting to plan your parties, at least. Kirsten Dunst originally signed for three Spider-Man movies, and that's all she's going to be doing. So you'll have to deal with her Mary Jane in Spider-Man 3, but if the franchise lives on after that (which it certainly seems like it will, given the success of installments one and two), it'll probably have to be either without Mary Jane, or with one of those soap opera-style "The role of Mary Jane is now played by..." on-screen announcements. Dunst isn't ruling out a return, but since her conditions include both the return of Sam Raimi and "an exorbitant amount of money," it seems unlikely they'll be met.

Me, I love Dunst - she's so adorable I can hardly stand it - so the fact that so many people have this seething hatred for her (at least in the Spider-Man flicks) always surprises me. My understanding is that people think she's badly cast; I have no familiarity with the comic books at all and would love to have some idea of who would have been better. Is it her look that's the problem, or just her in general?

[via The Movie Blog]
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