Harold PinterDamn. How many screenwriters can say that? Granted, the British playwright (who just recently celebrated his 75th birthday) probably was recognized for his massive volume of respected work for the stage, but the guy has also spent a lot of time in Hollywood.

Epic honor aside, it's pretty cool for Paul Schrader to be able to casually bring up The Comfort of Strangers in conversation and then say "Oh, that old thing? Well yeah, a Nobel prize winner wrote the script, and the guy who wrote the novel's won the Booker. And been shortlisted four times." And Pierce Brosnan can go to Sony with this last ditch appeal: "Has that hack Craig ever been in a movie with a Nobel Prize winner? I didn't think so. And what does that say about him?" Why, the possibilities are endless, both for Pinter and everyone within his massive six degrees reach!
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