King Kong; Naomi WattsWay back in March, Karina posted some information about a Peter Jackson video diary of a day (#105, to be precise) spent working on King Kong, and mentioned that a whole slew of similar diary entries were available on the web. Well, in the interests of fleecing bringing fans inside Jackson's King Kong world, MCA Home Video has collected all 54 of his video diaries in a two DVD set that streets December 12. But wait, there's more! The limited edition set contains not just the complete diaries, but also "a box full of collectible extras including a 52-page full color book, and 4 exclusive production art prints." AND, it comes in a special, trunk-shaped box! All this can be yours for the low, low price of $39.98! Preorder soon, because supplies are limited.

Look, I'm not saying it's not awesome to get an inside look at the process of making the film – it is, and it's incredible that Jackson is helping to make that happen. But why not put them in the extras when the movie itself moves to DVD? I know, I know. You want them early. It just seems so wrong to make the people who seriously care about this movie pay $40 extra, on top of all the money they're already going to spend on tickets and all the different DVDs of the actual film. Oh, and on the stamps. Musn't forget the stamps.
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