I guess you could say it's been a good week for Roman Polanski ... although, that would depend on what your definition of "good" is. I mean, his latest film, Oliver Twist, all but came and went without leaving as much as the slightest head imprint on the pillow of the larger culture. But, on the plus side, his name has been invoked over the course of two high-profile mini-controversies.

First, as we told you last night, someone in the Katie Holmes camp recently compared the starlet's pregnancy to the plot of Rosemary's Baby. Which makes perfect sense – because Tom Cruise is, of course, the devil, and he has plans – of course! – to wrench the baby from Katie's womb, whisk it off to the Celebrity Centre and offer it up as evidence of his commitment to Scientology (actually, that sounds more like the plot of Ghostbusters II, but whatever).

Now, Spike Lee is getting in on the act.

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