Vince VaughnHave you heard this one? Three men walking into a redneck Thanksgiving: a Jew, an Arab and a black man. Bwah! That's the premise behind the new movie from Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin and writers Tim Rasmussen and Vince DiMeglio. (When I first read the headline, I was all excited for the Butterscotch Stallion and Vince Vaughn to do another movie together, but the summary made me realize there probably weren't starring roles in this one for them.) The film will be set in a southern household at Thanksgiving, when the family's three daughters bring their boyfriends (the afore-mentioned minorities) home to meet the fam for the first time. Don't get me wrong - I think that, if handled with deftness, this could be very, very funny. It just seems, well, possible that Warner Brothers will push for humor that's shocking in its irreverence rather than clever and intelligent.

The project doesn't have a title or a script, yet it's being described as "another R-rated comedy." How do they know this already? I wonder if the contract includes a required number of exposed nipples and sex scenes, or something.
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