The Guardian already has a write-up of this morning's James Bond press conference, and when it comes to the actual movie that all of this hullabaloo is ostensibly leading up to, it seems like producers are just telling people what they want to hear. On the one hand, director Martin Campbell told reporters that his film will be "definitely darker", with "more character, less gadgets." But the producers quickly rushed to soothe those who fear change: Casino Royale will have all the action, suspense, and espionage that our audiences have come to expect from us but nevertheless takes the franchise in a new and exciting direction," said producer Michael G. Wilson. One can only imagine Campbell then glared behind his back, and nodded his head with fingers crossed. We've heard so much about this film, and a lot of it seems contradictory. Now that Craig is firmly cast, what direction do you think the franchise will take?
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