Daniel CraigIt's a good thing for us that this Bond thing is coming to a head, because Joss Whedon has been depressingly quiet lately. For your reading pleasure, a couple more bits of Bond-y goodness that appeared in the British press late Thursday:
    • Daniel Craig's proud mum totally stole what little thunder Sony had left when she blabbed to the Liverpool Daily Post about her son's massive acting coup. Come to think of it, though, since she referred to the extremely posh James Bond as wee Danny's "biggest populist role," maybe she's talking about something else entirely. Is there a William Jennings Bryan movie coming out?
    • Somebody leaked an internal Eon Productions memo about the casting process (or at least someone faked a very good fake internal memo) that, among other convincing things, calls Eric Bana ugly. In addition, "Hugh Jackman [is] too fey, Colin Farrell too sleazy and Ewan McGregor too short." Colin Farrell, sleazy? Well, I never.
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