EA sports logoIt was revealed today that Steven Spielberg ("a video game enthusiast," apparently) and Electronic Arts have agreed to team up to create three new video games. The director will collaborate with EA's design team on "concept, story and design of the new game franchises," but the gaming company will own the rights to the games and associated "intellectual property." What's in it for Spielberg, you ask? Well, though he doesn't own any of the game-related rights, the terms of the deal guarantee him first crack at turning any of the games into TV shows or movies. Ah-ha! And dollar signs suddenly appear everywhere - if they can come up with even just a single popular game, imagine the profits Spielberg can reap with a big, CGI-fest movie that's even loosely based on EA's product. Wow. Good thinking, Mr. Spielberg sir.

Hey, I wonder if this is his top-secret new invention. Playing video games that movies are based on is totally like being in the movies! Oh wait, no it's not. Never mind.
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