Allthe cool kids are talking about Arin Crumley and Susan Buice's Four Eyed Monstersvideo blog. The very canny filmmakers immediately jumped on the release of the Ipod Video by doing an interview with indieWIRE, announcing their plans to podcast a series of videos about their struggle to find distribution. "We are pretty excited and pretty glad Apple finally did what we predicted would be happening and they coincidentally did it the same day we launched our intro episode for our video podcast series," Crumley told Eugene Hernandez. They sent out a press release today, asking their fans and supporters to subscribe to their MySpace Blog and Video Podcast in iTunes, and to watch their video podcasting tutorial. That intro episode is awesome – cut, like their feature, in rapid-fire montage style – skims through their festival successes, their failure to find a distributor, and their subsequent money problems, which apparently have forced the couple to move in with Susan's parents.