Johnny Depp; LibertineIt's just been announced that Jack SparrowJohnny Depp will be the subject of a "special tribute" at the American Film Institute's upcoming International Film Festival (aka AFI Fest). The Festival, which has a program massive and luscious enough to make me want to move (at least until I remember that I hate LA), opens this year on November 3 and runs through the 13th; the Johnny lovefest will take place on the 11th and will include a screening of The Libertine. According to Fest director Christian Gaines, the goal of the annual tribute is to "find someone who is a highly accomplished artist about whom we crave to know more." While the link to the Depp page on the festival site is broken, this makes it sound like there might also be an interview portion to the event (in addition to the already-confirmed general fawning.) Either that or they just like to give awards to enigmas.

Start your pools now about what Depp will wear - if he shows up in a tux he'll be totally demolishing his Eccentric Star rep.
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