The HireAccording to Randall over at Autoblog, The Hire - the series of BWM-sponsored short films that got so much attention when they debuted in 2001 - will officially end on October 21. The films all star Clive Owen (one guess as to what drew Cinematical to the project in the first place) as "The Driver," and have been directed by big names from John Woo to Tony Scott; from Wong Kar-Wai to current pariah Guy Ritchie. Sharing the screen with Owen in the series have been folks like Mickey Rourke, Mrs. Ritchie, and the magnificent Stellan Skarsgård. For those of you who haven't seen them, the cool thing about the films is that, though they're ostensibly advertisements for BMW (the cars are prominently featured), they also are well-crafted, action-filled shorts - some are even inspired (Wong Kar-Wai's The Follow has always been my favorite).

In an act of astounding corporate generosity, BMW is currently offering all eight films on a special-edition DVD. It's free, apart from a $4 shipping/handling charge, and it can be ordered from their website. And if you own a BWM, they'll pay for the shipping! What's $4 between friends?

[via The Movie Blog]
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