Kevin SmithFinally! If you're a die hard Kevin Smith fan, you've probably watched that Clerks 2 teaser about a gazillion times, hoping, praying and wishing that the old Clerks footage would somehow be replaced with some new stuff. Okay, well, that didn't happen, but Silent Bob has released the first photo from the set of his highly anticipated sequel and it looks, well, like some color has been added. The photo itself features Trevor Fehrman, Brian O'Halloran, Rosario Dawson and Jeff Anderson all dressed up in Mooby's attire. Some of you may remember Mooby's fast food joint from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back as well as Dogma. Along with the pic, Smith answers a few questions (that he made up himself) in order to help quench your thirst for more info. While he doesn't say much (this isn't Waiting 2), just seeing the pic may help you sleep tonight. Finally!
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