James BondAs I begin to write this, I can almost hear your chants of "No more Bond posts!" echoing throughout Cinematical headquarters. While there was a brief period of time where we questioned whether or not we should change our name from Cinematical to "Everything Bond," in the end, we decided to stick to our roots. After all, there are only so many words that rhyme with Bond. In saying that, as news gets out that Daniel Craig has been officially cast in the role, people across the globe seem to be not too fond of our new Bond (that one's for Adam.) Whether it's the fact that he looks too old, too blond or too ugly, the consensus is that Craig just isn't right for the part. Well, only 24 hours after the announcement was made, Sony Pictures is attempting to convince you they made the right choice by launching the official teaser website for Casino Royale; featuring a first look at Daniel Craig as James Bond. Judging from the pic itself, I must say he looks pretty kick ass. Thoughts? Opinions?

 [via JoBlo]

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