The Fog

Even when a studio knows they have a fetid floater on their hands, they usually make some kind of effort to screen the movie for critics in advance of its opening. After all, any ink is, more or less, good ink. Any advance screening will do, even if it is the night before opening with a theater full of radio station listeners also in attendance. Most critics don't feel slighted by this kind of eleventh-hour treatment, as long as we can turn in finished copy before the weekend so that we might spend Saturday and Sunday doing silly things, like eating, sleeping and spending time with loved ones (all things we usually have to do in a movie theater).

For whatever reason -- perhaps the person in charge of wide screenings for The Fog was out sick this week, or maybe they wanted to preserve all the premium scares (which were somehow missing from the print that I watched after driving 45 minutes through torrential New Hampshire rains) -- Sony barely screened the movie before its October 14 opening. For whatever reason, it still seems lazy, disingenuous and, as we say up here in New England, "wicked irritating". Therefore, out of protest and to prove a point, I shall put as little effort into reviewing it as Sony did promoting it. Following, find a collection of recycled quotes about other movies that fit this recycled version of John Carpenter's old-fashioned 1980 horror yarn about the ghosts of doomed ship who come to haunt a small island town: