sheepDid you know that sheep outnumber humans 10 to one in New Zealand? Do you think young New Zealander children have nightmares about all of those sheep rising up in a bloody rebellion? At least one of them did, apparently, and it freaked him out enough that it's going to be the subject of his filmmaking debut.

Black Sheep, billed as horror-comedy, will be the first feature from Jonathan King. According to press materials, the film "tells of a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong." Please let the experiment involve putting T Rex teeth into sheep. PLEASE. Or maybe it'll be like Shaun of the Dead, except with sheep! (Did you ever notice how much room there is for optimism when all you have is an eight-word summary?) Apart from its vicious sheep, King's project is notable because it is one of the first films to come out of a collaboration between Korean company Daesung (which was involved with both Around the World in 80 Days and Blade: Trinity) and Park Road Post, a production group based in NZ.
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