X-Men 3We haven't talked much about X-Men 3 in a while, partly due to the fact that Clive Owen isn't involved with the film. However, that's not going to stop me from reporting that Fox has officially launched the movie's website and it features a very tiny teaser for the film due out in May. Not much is being said right now regarding plot, but with all of our favorite mutants from the first two expected back, I assume they'll be kicking someone's butt. I'll be curious to see how Brett Ratner's version differs from Bryan Singer's, seeing as the two directors practically swapped projects beforehand. Singer, who helmed the first two X-Men, left the project to direct Superman Returns, while Ratner was originally tapped to direct the Man of Steel, yet bailed and took on X-Men 3. Do you think this change in directors will affect the film in a good way or bad? Or do you not care so long as Wolverine steps up the damage?
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