nuclear; radioactiveLast Best Chance is sort of an infomercial with nothing to sell, disguised as a thriller. In it, al Qaeda acquires enough nuclear material to create a small weapon, thus becoming a nuclear power and an ever greater threat to the rest of the world. Presented by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), and made with the help of funding from a pair of major charitable foundations, the film was created to increase American awareness of the threat posed by all of the poorly guarded nuclear material scattered around the world (Russia's stocks are through to be the most vulnerable). Though the NTI's board has a distinctly liberal slant, Last Best Chance has the support of high-profile Republicans like Richard Lugar, and it stars former Republican Senator Fred Thompson.

A DVD of the film has been available for free for months, but it was recently picked up by HBO and will be shown for the first time on Monday (10/17) night. If you want to start getting freaked out right away, the trailer is available here.
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