Exactly as we predicted, Sony circumvented critics and rode a vaguely vaginal internet marketing campaign to glory this weekend. The Fog didn't make a huge amount of money, but by dumping it in theaters without reviews, the studio surely made back its cost, and its $12.2 million take was just barely enough to land it in first place. Right behind was Wallace and Gromit with $11.7 million, and as evidence that bad reviews *can* hurt, Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown struggled against its critical drubbing to earn $11 million for a third place finish. The week's other wide release, Tony Scott's Domino, failed to make much of an impact: the Beverly Hills, 90210 skewering, bounty hunter sorta-biopic landed in sixth place with just $4.7 million. In other news, Serenity has quite serenely slinked off the Top Ten chart altogether. This would seem to belie Technorati's claim that it's "the most talked about" film currently in release. Is Technorati wrong (it's been known to happen), or do the numbers lie? Take a look at them after the jump.