knitted zombiesA lovely woman named Hannah who resides in the UK is (understandably) obsessed with George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead. She's also quite the accomplished knitter, so it was practically inevitable that at some point she'd start knitting zombies. She probably tried to resist the impulse for years (Knitting blood? That's gonna be really, really hard), but finally the call of her destiny was too strong and she gave in.

The result is absolutely magnificent, and puts all of us who consider ourselves "fans" or anything to shame. I say I love Contempt. Have I ever molded Brigitte Bardot out of clay? No. I claim to be obsessed with Hudson Hawk, but I've never so much as sketched Darwin Mayflower. As a fan, I'm an embarrassment. Hannah not only knitted a pile of mummy figures, but she's also photographed them in scenes from Dawn of the Dead. I'm totally not kidding here - and the photos are composed so well that it's simultaneously completely hilarious and awe-inspiring. Go, gaze in wonder (the link below takes you straight to her Flickr slideshow).

[via Boing Boing]
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