Angelina JolieAccording to England's The Sun (which as a news source is pretty much as reliable as my dog Abbey), Angelina Jolie has signed to co-star in Casino Royale. Holy crap. If this is true, how many of the Daniel Craig haters do you think will suddenly be more than fine with every little Bond thing? Seriously. She's the hottest thing on two legs - and since the chicks in Bond movies are pretty much all about over-the-top sexuality (which is always, in the end, sort of disappointing in PG-13 movies), I can see this working out pretty well for ticket sales. The only problem is that her character's name (again, says AbbersThe Sun) is Vesper Lynd. Am I missing something? Where's the leering sexual innuendo in that? Why, it almost makes me long for the days of Holly Goodhead and Pussy Galore. Almost.

[Oh, and while I'm sneaking a Bond post, the whole Craig announcement press conference can be seen here, if you're into that sort of thing.]
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