Shaun of the DeadThough this year's event is rationalized by the story that some of Land of the Dead was shot there, the fact is that (some) people in Toronto just really like zombies. Well, it's that, or that some of them actually are zombies - either way, this will be the third consecutive year during which the approach of Halloween is heralded by an organized Zombie Walk through the streets of the metropolis. After all, when was the last time you saw a zombie alone? The only way to be is a zombie is to be one in a group.

In case you're unsure what sort of zombie you ought to be, or need hints about how to create realistic rotting flesh spots, organizers helpfully offer some suggestions. With that sort of encouragement, there really isn't any excuse not to join the parade. A note to Toronto residents who thought they might just go out and watch, though: the fun part of the parade is "enjoying the delectation of any brains to which [the assembled zombies] come in contact." Consider yourselves warned.
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