Now that the casting issue has come to its oddly anti-climactic climax,  it's time to look elsewhere for rampant Bond rumormongering. Thankfully, producer Michael G. Wilson is giving us what we need: according to WENN, he's confirming earlier reports that Casino Royale will hew closely to the novel on which it is based. "Neither Miss Moneypenny nor Q will appear. Neither of them are in the book. The film will update the novel but stick very closely to the storyline." Word on the street is that Casino, Ian Fleming's first Bond book, is much darker than those that follow it; however, according to a seemingly-reasonable Amazon reviewer, it might not make for the most dynamic film. Despite a "harrowing torture scene which should not be witnessed by the squeamish", A. Casalino explains that most of the narrative tension resides in "in the climatic card game, which, minus the author's excellent descriptive prose, would appear tedious on the screen." I don't know – torture and cards sounds pretty interesting to me. But, with no Q, that probably means no gadgets.
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