Michelle YeohAlthough Moviehole is still listing the mysterious Laura Dutta as being cast in the upcoming Indy 4, I'm going to remain of the opinion that this rumor is false until we're told otherwise from someone who is actually involved with the film. With that said, The Indy Experience is now reporting that Michelle Yeoh is in talks to co-star opposite Harrison Ford in the pic, which is rumored to begin shooting sometime in 2006. Yeoh, who played a Bond girl in Tomorrow Never Dies, was recently overheard discussing the role with Steven Spielberg on the set of Memoirs of a Geisha. Talk of Yeoh's involvement actually surfaced online six years ago, when her agency leaked that the actress had met with Spielberg about the part. Now, let me stress that nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet, although all this interest in Yeoh makes one wonder whether or not it's a clue as to where in the world Indy 4 will be set. Oooh, could Short Round be returning too?
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