Jessica AlbaIf you're the kind of person who wants nothing to do with any kind of information that may give away possible storylines for the upcoming Sin City 2 pic, then you may want to skip this post and continue reading the other fine content provided to you on this website. The rest of you maniacs can line up at the side door and follow me. JoBlo pointed us in the direction of the New Stories section of Wikipedia's Sin City entry, where we found some interesting things: First of all, Frank Miller seems to be a busy little bee, working on some brand new storylines, one of which has been confirmed to be a main part of the planned sequel. In it, Nancy avenges Hartigan's death by laying the smackdown on the remaining members of the Roark family. Jessica Alba, a psychotic killer? Bring it on! Well, that's if she returns. Cross your fingers guys. Also mentioned was a prequel story about Hartigan and a story surrounding a new character; whether or not those last two will be included in the film remains to be seen. Anyone else dripping wet with anticipation? 
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