Watch out, liberal Hollywood – the Red Staters are coming. A blogger who goes by the pseudonym "Dirty Harry" has issued a call to arms on Libertas, the blog associated with the conservative Liberty Film Festival. "We need new blood," Dirty writes. "Just like we needed new blood in 1967 when Easy Rider changed everything."

New blood, huh? I think that's a statement that we all might agree with, but the simple sentiment of "we need better films" gets muddled by ideology. Though he claims "it’s not liberal movies I hate. It’s lousy movies I hate," the liberals still need to be dealt with; they're "tapped out, and they’re ruining an industry I’ve loved since I was twelve." He goes on to issue a blatant rallying cry to those willing to take down the liberal Hollywood establishment. "My friends, The Passion was our Easy Rider. But are we ready? Do we have the Coppolas. Scorseses, Polanskis, Bogdonovichess [sic], Ashbys, and Spielbergs ready to go? [...] How bad do you want it?" Finally, Dirty Harry implores all those who are with him to attend the film festival, which is screening, amongst other things, Ron Silver's UN documentary, Broken Promises. "It’s gonna take a revolution. And the revolutionaries meet next week."

Anybody scared yet?
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