David Mackenzie is writing and directing a film based on the novel Hallam Foe by Peter Jinks. If you're not sure whether or not it's the kind of movie you'd enjoy, you can always read the script. Mackenzie, along with his friend Hugh Macleod, has made his script available online in order to let people read it, make comments on it, and therefore address any concerns BEFORE the movie gets made.

This reminds me of an interview with a writer from The Simpsons that I read many years ago, in which one armchair critic took him to task for putting words in Lisa Simpson's mouth that the critic insisted Lisa would never say. The writer's reply was, "You may think you know Lisa Simpson, but I KNOW Lisa Simpson." And that's the thing, isn't it? If MacKenzie wants the masses to critique his work, that's fine, but why is it so wrong to have faith in what you're doing and let it either stand or fail on its own? I don't see how any kind of artistic growth can come from letting the audience decide for itself what it wants to see.

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