Sky logoBeginning in February of 2006, subscribers to Sky Digital will have access to a new TV channel called "Inside Movies." The channel, despite its name, won't show any movies at all. Instead, it will be focused entirely on promoting films currently in or soon to enter mainstream theaters. Created by a collaboration between "film consortium" All Industry Marketing and a TV company called Enteraction, Inside Movies will offer things like "listings, sneak previews, behind-the-scenes footage, promotions and special offers." Ultimately, its creators hope that the new channel will become the place that everyone automatically turns for any sort of film information; an "interactive" element is planned as well, which suggests the possibility of buying tickets via the TV.

The is surely among the first (if not the first) collaborations between TV and film that is aimed entirely at a 24/7 stream of promotion. Do you think it'll be overkill, or will people be interested in the listings and the exclusive features?
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