ChewbaccaPeter Mayhew, the very tall gentleman who gives life to Chewbacca (as far as I can tell he also does the awesome Chewie voice - he doesn't need James Earl Jones to talk for him, thanks very much) has shed his British (and Wookiee) past to become an American citizen. Mayhew, who was born in England, was hanging around in the US several years ago when he met a woman who quite caught his fancy. Since the lady happened to be from Texas, he up and moved there, married her, and yesterday recited the required oath and officially became a naturalized citizen.

Actually, he's not left his past behind at all. Said Mayhew at the ceremony, "I'll have a British passport, an American passport and a Wookiee passport." Finally - now he can get into the US as easily as he once traveled to Kashyyyk.
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