Curious GeorgeThere's something wonderfully childlike about Will Ferrell's disembodied voice, and he seems like a great choice for The Man in the Yellow Hat - anyone else might have a tendency to make him actually sound angry at Curious George's antics, which would doubtless lead to floods of tears from the rugrats in theaters. So that's a great thing about the new Curious George trailer, as is getting to hear him say "You don't give a monkey a latte!" But other than that, I'm sad to say it doesn't seem like there's much there. The animation is very, very unimpressive, and everything about it has a sort of throwaway feel. Now, as Rafe at Cinema Blend points out in the article linked below, Universal clearly wanted to get something out quickly (the movie debuts in February), so I guess the movie itself might feel more substantial by then. But the odds are that the animation ain't gonna change.

What about those of you who have been looking forward to this movie? Does the trailer change your mind, or are you still excited?