Antonio TarverYou may remember that a week or so ago we discussed the existence and plot of Rocky 6. It's now called Rocky Balboa, and revolves around a Rocky who is getting up there in years, whose wife has died and who is just really, really bored. He starts fighting again and finds himself pushed into a media-friendly bout with the gloriously-monikered reigning heavyweight champ, Mason "The Line" Dixon. Where previously there was only gleeful speculation about who would play Dixon (Another fake Russian? Ooooh, or The Rock?), word has been trickling out lately that an actual boxer might take the role.

According to, fighter Antonio Tarver's representatives are in what he calls "the final stages of negotiations" for him to play "The Line." Tarver, who is 36, is the top-ranked light heavyweight boxer in the world and, if nothing else, would certainly lend the fight scenes are air of authenticity. On the downside, though, if he accidentally lands a punch, Stallone might die.
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