Poor, gullible Nikki Sixx. In explaining why David Fincher has begged off from directing a biopic about his band, the Motley Crüe bassist dropped the "Daddy just went out for a pack of ciggarettes" of the contemporary film industry. Sixx claims that the band asked the Fight Club director to helm The Dirt, based on the bestselling bio of the 80s hair metal gods, but "Paramount needed him to do a very huge movie and wanted us to wait." Whether or not Sixx and his ragged tigers actually believe Fincher is coming back is unclear, but he admits that the band is "now meeting with other directors." But never fear, Crüesters – Sixx isn't gonna let anything get in between him and his biographical desires – even if he has to invoke Martin Scorsese's name in semi-vain in order to prove his point. "It will get made and it will get made right," he promises. "The project has to be gritty. It's going to be like Goodfellas. It's going to have an underbelly to it." Come to think of it, what's Martin Scorsese so busy with that he can't slip in a couple of weeks with the Crüe? Departed schmeparted – his career needs the kind of jolt that only a band of half-dead metal icons can give.
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