• Jon Favreau will write and produceNeanderthal, a CGI feature currently set up at Sony Pictures Animation. Favreau previously lent his voice talents to the role of Reily, "the construction foreman of a group of dam-building beavers", in SPA's upcoming Open Season.
  • Fox has signed a nonexclusive deal with Christie/AIX, a digital cinema venture that is about to embark on a plan to install 4,000 digital projectio systems around the country. Fox is the second studio to sign with Christie; Disney joined up last month.
  • New Line has bought domestic distribution rights to In-Utero. Based on a Japanese horror flick called Jian Gui 2, the new film follows a pregnant woman who starts seeing dead people after a near-death experience.
  • In tangentially movie-related news, Ashton Kutcher has sold a pilot concept to Fox called The 30 Year-Old Grandpa. Though all parties involved say it has absolutely nothing to do with Kutcher's real-life relationship with Demi Moore, check out the plot: A 30 year-old guy marries a 40-something woman. Just as the couple gets pregnant comes the news that the woman's 22 year-old daughter is also going to have a baby; she moves in with the newlyweds and they all live sitcomically every after all. There's only one conclusion to come to here: Rumer's totally preggers.
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