Robert RedfordRobert Redford's Sundance Institute turns 25 this year, and part of the celebration will come in the form of an 11 disc DVD set. Due out at the end of November, the set will bring together 10 of the films that have been celebrated at the Sundance Film Festival over the last quarter century. Among the featured works will be Steven Soderbergh's debut Sex, Lies, and Videotape (which won 1989's Audience Award), In the Bedroom (Special Jury acting prizes in 2001) and Clerks (Filmmakers Trophy in 1994). In addition to the 10 films, the set also includes a disc of extras, among which are an interview with Redford and chats with some of the featured filmmakers. Since all 10 of the included films are already available on DVD, the audience for this set is probably fairly limited, though some may be sucked in by the bonus disc. That said, since the box lists for just over $100, that's going to be a pretty pricey single disc.