Project GrizzlyQuentin Tarantino praised it on The Charlie Rich Show. It played in theaters for a year straight. It's as funny as This Is Spinal Tap. Why haven't you heard of it?  It's a documentary without studio affiliation, and it's Canadian. Now, though, it's finally on DVD for all to enjoy.

Peter Lynch's 1996 documentary Project Grizzlyabout a "close-quarter bear researcher" (Troy James Hurtubise) and his dauntless quest to build a Grizzly-proof suit is not only good documentary filmmaking, it's hilarious, too. The scenes in which the bear suit is being tested are painfully funny, and Hurtubise's rapid-fire diatribes are truly inspired. He is a suave and charismatic Canuck Don Quixote, aggrandizing his quest and entertaining us every step of the way, and the result is priceless. And despite popular belief, Project Grizzly is not a mockumentary.

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