Chungking ExpressKnown - usually fondly - as something of a loose cannon, Australian cinematographer (and sometime director) Christopher Doyle has been living and making movies in Asia (and occasionally elsewhere) for almost three decades. His work there, particularly on Wong Kar-Wai's early films, helped to "[define] the look of new Asian cinema," and his reputation is such that he's sometimes mentioned in the same breath as the iconic Gregg Toland. He also has never been accused of lacking opinions, and the interview with him that appears in the current issue of Filmmaker magazine is chock full of them.

In the interview, Doyle speaks out on the state of American cinema ("There’s only two departments in American cinema — the insurance department and the accounting department. There are no filmmakers anymore."), his own ethnicity ("An Asian who just happens to be pink"), Martin Scorsese ("Why the fuck would a great filmmaker need to suck the dick of the Academy with a piece of shit called The Aviator?"), and China today ("Everyone in China is on a roll"). And that's only about a third of what he covers - whether you agree with anything he says or not, it's fascinating to get the perspective of a knowledgeable, passionate outsider on the American film industry, particularly in a time when it seems to be undergoing something of a (revenue-based) self-examination.

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